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"When people can't see a path, they stop dreaming of the destination."

- Adam Grant, Hidden Potential

IUL & FIAs Can Be Powerful Wealth Tools.

Talk is cheap. Prove it.

WealthLogix™ gives you the most advanced, powerful life insurance and annuity retirement presentation tools in the industry.

We don't just give you data and graphs. We enhance the natural conversation with your client. Go beyond the illustration.

Create a journey.

Powerful Capabilities.

Intuitive Interface

Veteran or novice with industry software, you will find WealthLogix's interface natural and easy to navigate.

Web-based Platform

No start-up fees. No software to buy. No operating system limitations.

Interactive & Dynamic

Our graphs and charts come to life during a client presentation, easily allowing you to modify parameters and assumptions on the fly. No more static data. No more dense PDFs.

Flexibility & Focus

WealthLogix is designed to allow you present how you want to present. Easily turn on and off different metrics while focusing on the important ones.

Compelling Data. Impactful Story.

Comparative Analysis

Show viability of an IUL by comparing to up to 3 different "comparative vehicles" (CVs). Show accumulation, distributions, legacy, fees, and even equalize rates of return and distributions.

Historical Simulations

Using a proxy asset, stress test the mechanics of an IUL through dozens to hundreds of historical rolling time periods. Reveal hidden potential while identifying weaknesses.

Index Strategy Calculator

Demonstrate the power of annual reset, guaranteed floors, and performance multipliers. Create a mix of different index strategies with varying cap and par rates, even across 1, 2, or 3 year strategies.

The Tax Scorecard

Quickly show a client the potential tax impact of qualified/pre-tax retirement plans over their retirement, including extra tax caused on Social Security. Compare that to a conversion strategy at a fraction of the tax-cost.

Retirement Buffer

Demonstrate the potential devastation of sequence of return (SOR) risk in retirement and the elegant solution of a buffer strategy. Also showcase the power of guaranteed lifetime income and "success probabilities".

Conversion Alternative

Coming Soon! Roth Conversions are a powerful planning tool. Show an alternative by converting to an IUL with the power of potential positive arbitrage to pay the conversion taxes.

Policy Comparison

Coming soon! Compare up to 3 illustrations (including inforce vs new). Identify differences in accumulation, distributions, fees, and more.

Present Beautifully

Brand your presentation. Choose between 4 beautiful themes. Choose the metrics you want to share. Voilà! You can create a presentation in 5 minutes. Even share a web-version with your client through a secure link or PDF.